Research and publications

Publications available in Turkish


  • UITP Official Presentation
  • Grow with Public Transport Campaign Brochure

Conference Recommendations & Declarations:

  • Recommendations of the UITP National Conference on Fare Management
  • UITP Bus Declaration
  • Recommendations of the UITP National Conference on Organisation & Financing

Focus Papers:

  • The Financing of Public Transport Operations, April 2003
  • Everybody Local Everywhere, April 2007
  • Quality as a means of reconciling individual needs with the collective challenges of sustainable development, January 2003
  • Urban Mobility and Congestion Charging, June 2007
  • Light Rail for Liveable Cities, June 2001
  • The Metro: an opportunity for sustainable development in large cities, November 2003
  • Towards better fare regulation and adjustment, December 2012
  • UITP Bus Tender Structure
  • ECMT publication
  • PTx2 brochure


  • Guidelines for Passenger Transport Staff for Disabled Passengers